Tours and tracks in Africa

Africa - A journey to the unknown

Africa, the fascinating, wild, alluring, savage continent, is still a mystery and an unknown territory to many.
We specialize on trips to the east of this magical continent, in a variety of countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Botswana.
Tumaini offers its travelers to stop the everyday race and explore unique and fascinating destinations. Our company believes that Africa should to be available to all, and at a decent and reasonable price.
The tour routs, which allow a journey in time to our sources, give the travelers a powerful experience of primeval nature next to a direct encounter with the locals, fascinating cultures and ancient tribes, all that, while appreciating the uniqueness and the differences Africa has installed.
The journeys are guided by highly experienced local guides, which live amongst their tour routes, guiding the travelers with expertise, and in utter safety, towards the magnificent beauty of the continent.  

Our unique service allows an intimate tour to small groups (up to 3 luxurious jeeps), suited for audiences with different common grounds.
Our company offers its services to the following audiences: Women, Photographers and bird watchers, Singles, Bar and Bat Mitzvah teenagers, Unique youth trips, Fascinating and fully adapted trips to the third age, Family trips and custom made trips through personal packages.

Our field trips are organized on jeeps, in safari areas, nature reserves, beaches (as on Zanzibar island), authentic villages and more. You can choose your accommodations from a large and personally suited variety to your group (camping, lodging, guest rooms, luxurious hotels etc.)
The trips vary in their duration from 4 days to a few weeks long, according to the needs and wishes of the travelers.

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