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Would you like to know where you are coming from?
Tumaini will organize for you, your own trip- a guided trip with the most experienced tour guides to an area of your choice in Israel, and at a style of your choice. You can choose to create a route to remember, or to indulge yourself with luxurious accommodations and excellent food.

Israel is unique in its abundance of different sceneries on a small territory. Israel has mountains, valleys, rivers, the Great Rift Valley which is a bird migration route from Europe to Africa and back. Alongside the Great Rift you will find the Sea of Galilee, and the lowest spot of our planet- the Dead Sea, Deserts, Mediterranean and Red Seas, and much more.

Israel’s geographic position alongside the Mediterranean sea shores, has functioned as a bridge between east and west and as a strategic zone for empires which has ruled the area. Many different owners have claimed this land, leaving behind fascinating historic evidence and remains. The historic sites spread all over Israel are crucial in understanding the life sequence in this area, and in understanding the development of the 3 large Monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).  

Israel is a popular destination for young and vigorous people. Tel Aviv has a bubbly nightlife and marked trip routes all around the city.

Photographers and bird watchers- alongside the migration route of birds across Israel, there are nine birdwatching centers, which serve as observation posts and learning facilities.

 Historic and Religious Pilgrimage- to Holy sites such as Tiberias, The Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Masada and many more.

There is much to see in Israel, much to taste and experience. Tumaini Travels will create for you- your own unique trip, according to your interests and needs. The possibilities are vast- and they differentiate in length, group size, focus, accommodation standards, price etc. Let us make all the arrangements for your dream- come- true journey!

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